5 Everyday Concealment Solutions

Sometimes, you have to be able to conceal your sidearm or pistol to take it with you while you’re out on a date or heading to the store. Some states in our country, in fact, only allow you to carry a weapon if you have a concealed carry license. While it’s oftentimes less convenient than carrying your pistol on your hip, there are plenty of ways to surreptitiously carry your weapon in style.

Let’s break down the top 5 everyday concealment solutions that will let you get the drop on anyone who tries to give you a hard time...

5. Shoulder Holster

There's a reason sheriffs, FBI agents, and even the Secret Service all use shoulder holsters – they allow you to carry your weapon beneath a jacket and fit practically all torso sizes. This particular shoulder holster enables a superfast draw and works for left or right-handed users. It's fully adjustable, so smaller or larger body frames are no issue.

Plus, it comes with a double magazine pouch and has a padded harness to increase your comfort. What’s not to like?

4. Belly Band Holster

This is a better concealed carry holster for hot summer days or any occasion when you aren’t wearing a jacket. It comes in three sizes overall, but each holster is made with a stretchable material that is both soft and comfortable. Since it works for left or right-handed users, it's easily one of the most versatile holsters on the market.

The surgical-grade elastic holster comes with a retention strap, spare magazine pockets, and works for both men and women. 

3. Universal Ankle Holster 

As with the belly band holster above, this concealed carry holster is made with surgical-grade elastic and stretches to accommodate any ankle size. Thus, it’s ideal for men or women and even works for your left or right ankle depending on your preferred shooting hand.

Even better, the holster is fairly durable and comes with a retention strap which you can optionally cut off to allow for a quicker draw. It's a great holster for most small pistols like 22s, 9 mms, or 38 revolvers.

2. Black Elite Tactical Leg Holster

This right-handed holster can fit the vast majority of compact or full-size pistols, so it'll suit your sidearm no matter which piece you prefer. The holster is made with durable competent padding, giving it some heavy-duty value. Even with this durability, the holster is easy to adjust for height and tightness, and features a quick release buckle.

Even though it also has an added magazine pouch, the soft interior ensures that you’ll be able to wear this holster all day without discomfort.

1. Concealment Purse

Ladies will love this concealed carry solution. The purse is made of cowhide leather, so it's a great accessory in and of itself, and it comes in three distinct colors. Most importantly, the purse is made with a zipper-lock to prevent kids from getting in and grabbing your pistol.

The purse is great for cross-body carry or shoulder carry and features wire-reinforced straps that you can adjust to the perfect length for your needs. Additional compartments for your other items like your phone mean it's a great purse for everyday use in addition to self-defense.

Any of these concealed carry solutions will be great for everyday use. Try one, or all of them – we’re sure you’ll find a perfect match for your needs.



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