4 Pack Molon Labe Stickers

4 Pack Molon Labe Stickers


Each Size: 5"

Laminated - Weather Proof

Made in USA

In the battle of Thermopylae, the Persian Armies demanded that the Greeks surrender their weapons. King Leonidas responded saying "Molon Labe." Translation "Come and get it". If they want them, they're gonna have to come and get them from my cold dead hands.The sticker is made of the highest quality material. Printed with one of the finest quality prints and laminated with a protective laminate to protect from rain or snow. It will stick great to pretty much any flat surface. Worried about the sticker fading? No worries, the lamination will protect it from fading as well. It will last for several years outside! You will be surprised by the thickness of the sticker. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed.