American/Gadsden Flag Sticker

American/Gadsden Flag Sticker


Size: 6"

Laminated - Weather Proof

The Gadsden Flag was used as a warning from the Colonists to the British in 1776. The rattlesnake is not a very aggressive animal, but it will warn with it's rattle other creatures that are infringing on its territory. It isn't just a symbol of freedom, but also the deep roots of American values. It is a perfect symbol of warning those that are infringing on our rights as American citizens. Long live the United States & the 2nd Amendment that protects it. The sticker is made of the highest quality. Printed with one of the finest quality prints and laminated with a protective laminate to protect from rain or snow. It will stick great to pretty much any flat surface. Worried about the sticker fading? No worries, the lamination will protect it from fading as well. It will last for several years outside! You will be surprised by the thickness of the sticker. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed.