Portable Jump Starter Kit
Portable Jump Starter Kit
Portable Jump Starter Kit
Portable Jump Starter Kit
Portable Jump Starter Kit
Portable Jump Starter Kit
Portable Jump Starter Kit
Portable Jump Starter Kit
Portable Jump Starter Kit
Portable Jump Starter Kit

Portable Jump Starter Kit

Portable Jump Starter Kit is the best choice to start your dead battery car.

2000 Amps peak current
This jump starter's peak current can reach 2000 Amps when jump-starting, cranking cars with up to ALL Gas and 7L Diesel engines.

Upgraded safety protections
The spark-proof, reverse polarity and other safety protections eliminate concerns with incorrect connections and generations of arcs near battery terminals.

Powerful and Compact
This car battery booster only weighs 1.06 pounds and comes with a storage case, so you can carry it around when traveling.

USB, 12V DC Port, LED Light, Type-C Input / Output Port
You can also use the USB port to charge your other devices, the 12V DC Port to power your 12V equipment, the LED Light to help illuminate to start your car in the dark.
  • Powerful Yet Compact: jump starter kit is a special jump starter with quad power supplies module on the market nowadays. With 2000A peak current,  battery booster is much stronger than any other jump pack.
  • User-Friendly Operation: jump starter kit jump pack comes with a smart clamp that prevents you from improper operations. 8 advanced technologies make it more user-friendly and much safer than others.
  • High Efficiency: The integrated Type-C port(5V/3A) allows you to recharge the unit in only 3 hours and it can also work as an output port.
  • Multifunctional: Not only working as a jump starter and a power bank but it can also be regarded as a flashlight. With 3-mode light, including stable, S.O.S, and strobe, the jump starter kit absolutely works well in darkness and emergency by supplying 72-hour light.
  • Lifesaver: The jump starter kit is not only powerful but also reliable. To make your trip more pleasant, it will hold its charge for over 12 months.
Special and Comprehensive Protection
The jump starter kit is equipped with 8 protections to prevent you from injury caused by improper operations. Especially the Spark-proof Protection and Reverse Polarity Protection.

Besides, the indicator on the jump cable also works as a Guidance.

If the indicator flashes in green, and there is buzzing:

The vehicle battery is at low voltage, and you need to press the "BOOST" button and wait until the green light becomes steady, then start your car within 30 seconds.

The indicator does not light, and there is no buzzing:

The vehicle battery may be dead, and please make sure the connection is right. After that, press the "BOOST" button and wait until the indicator becomes steady green, then go to start your car within 30 seconds.

For up to ALL GAS and 7.0L Diesel

Equipped with 4 batteries, the jump starter kit is one of the most powerful jump starters on the market. Besides, with a built-in 15V/10A output port, it will supply power for your other car accessories, such as tire inflator and GPS.

High Efficiency

With dual USB output ports one of which is compliant with Quick Charge 3.0, the kit will save you time charging two digital devices at one time.
  • 1 * Portable Jump Starter Kit
  • 1 * Smart Jumper cable
  • 1 * Wall Charger
  • 1 * USB Cable
  • 1 * Type-C Cable
  • 1 * Cigarette Lighter Adapter
  • 1 * EVA Storage Case
  • 1 * User Manual